User Generated Bicycle Route Maps ..more…

By | March 4, 2010

User Generated Bicycle Route Maps

..more on the wiki project…

Joe asked, ‘Is there a way to get all the routes on one map?’

With the Sport Distance Calculator, No, as far as I can figure.

It seems limited in several ways:

1) It doesn’t seem to have a search-able database, I had to use the RSS feature to retrieve my creations. The RSS feed lists only the last 15 addresses, at publishing time, 12 more posts and mine will be lost forever at the site. Weird.

2) The developer is maintaining the site, they’ve installed a ‘post to Twitter’ application recently – which I found handy.

3) There’s is a tag feature but I haven’t figured out how/if it works.

4) Generally the parameters of the thing are narrowly defined; I think it was designed as a one-off tool for single athletes to calculate how far they ran/cycled that day.

I’m going to write to the author and see if I can suggest a collaboration to build a different use-purpose map application – with all the features the Sport Distance Calculator has, plus some features that will make it a more collaborative thing. A new visioning of the product. They might be totally enthusiastic, we’ll see.

If none of this works out there is still the the vision I outlined earlier:

- picture of the created map linked to the Sport Distance Calculator database, labeled with-in a well thought out meme..

As I said before, OpenStreetMap would be ideal for here but it is One Map of the entire planet. A user there has transfered all the existing, and planned Toronto bike routes onto it. On zoom the route lines are wider than the road itself. Other users have added routes – they appear in different colours. When you see all the info already on the Toronto portion of the map the whole thing seems like a great big mess. There is a lot of info is there I just don’t know how to unpack it and send it to the right place.

Is there anyone with map making experience who could lend a hand with this?

Michael Holloway

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