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Bill Murray Bikes Austin

By | March 25, 2010

Comedian Bill Murray talks about riding a bicycle in Austin, Texas during a visit at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop. via Cyclelicious, via BikeHugger

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Boston’s Future Lies In Moving Away From The Car

By | March 2, 2010

People will sometimes ask me, “Why do you hate cars so much?” The truth is I don’t hate cars. They are useful to some people (delivery trucks, people with disabilities). The car itself is not the problem, it is what happens to society when everyone owns a car that is the problem. Cars are simply […]

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A New “Metro” for Bikes in Los Angeles

By | February 23, 2010

via the LA Bike Working Group via HiMY SYeD, via

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Model cities for sane transportation

By | February 21, 2010

“Could answers to the Toronto region’s congestion crisis reside among the cobbled, storybook streets of the ancient German city of Bremen? With a population of about 600,000, Bremen is increasingly being recognized as the last word in sane, sustainable transportation. Last year, the city even managed to buck the European trend to rising car ownership […]

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After snow storm, Baltimore’s cyclists on their own

By | February 19, 2010

“It’s been more than a week since the snow storm ended. All major roads are clear. Side streets are passable. So why is the Inner Harbor bike path snowed in when all 4 lanes of Pratt Street are clear? There’s plenty of room for snow to be dumped right to the side of the lane, […]

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