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Sarah Thomson drops out of Mayoral Race

By | September 28, 2010

Sarah Thomson has dropped out of Toronto’s mayoral race and put her support behind George Smitherman. This is big news for cycling because Thomson’s “BikeCity” plan was the most thorough and best researched cycling platform out there (of the “Big Five” contenders of Ford, Smitherman, Rossi, Pantalone and Thomson herself).  Whatever you thought of her [...]

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Sarah Thomson releases “Bike City” Plan

By | September 10, 2010

Today saw mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson release her bicycle transportation policy, dubbed Bike City.
Sarah and/or her team has done their homework on this to attract people who love biking… proposing a good chunk of new cycling infrastructure features (ie. bike boxes, bicycle boulevardes, etc) and physically separate bikelanes on University Ave, Richmond Street and Adelaide [...]

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Sarah Thomson to announce “Bike City” Policy

By | August 31, 2010

UPDATE: Thomson has announced her Bike City Platform.  Click here for details.
Mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson is set to announce a “Bike City” policy tomorrow, Sept 1st:
You are cordially invited to the launch of Mayoral Candidate, Sarah Thomson’s Bike Policy, Bike City.
Come an listen to the details of Bike City, a smarter way to share our [...]

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