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On The Blogs: Dressing for Winter

By | October 24, 2010

Over on Claire’s Fletcher Five blog, she talks about making sure her hands and face are warm as the weather cools down: I’m going to need some mittens. Probably several pairs, as I’m prone to losing stuff. And something to keep my nose and cheeks cozy. And legwarmers. The list goes on… A question for [...]

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Viaduct Style

By | October 1, 2010

via Xander N’Dante on flickr Related posts:Style vs. Speed Kensington Retro Style Summer Smiles

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Adult Trail-a-Bike?

By | August 12, 2010

via Chewie2008 on flickr

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Musical Bicycle and Puppet Parade

By | August 3, 2010

via Cyclops on Flickr

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