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Bixi: The London UK Experience – Video from the

By | August 5, 2010

Thursday, August 5th 2010 One of the lines from this video that struck me was, “..anybody that knows anything about these schemes, is that, in order for it to work you need enough docking stations. In London at the moment there’s 316 compared to 1600 or something like that, in Paris. “So it’s not [...]

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Transit City hangs in the balance as opportunist candidates dither and dodge at the precipice of an epoch

By | August 3, 2010

A Vision lacking amongst Mayoral candidates Over at ”Duncan’s City Ride”, a BikingToronto blog, Duncan posted: “Jarvis lanes tell the story of a city that pretends to be committed to the bicycle” Hume – from the Christopher Hume op-ed published in the Toronto Star. I’ll quote again part of what Hume had to say, “Rather than [...]

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