My platform includes ‘Naming’ University Ave Bikelanes ‘The Pickford’ after Mary Pickford.

Mary Pickford, America’s Sweetheart, 1929 Academy Award winner and Torontonian, was born at 211 University Avenue, in downtown Toronto.

She was an avid cyclist as you can hear within the first few minutes of this archived CBC interview first broadcast May 25, 1959.

Earlier this week, I attended The City of Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee greenlighting of a recommendation that a pilot project for separated bike lanes be installed along University Avenue.

In the spirit of The Tooker, an initiative to name a future east-west bike corridor after one time Mayoral Candidate Tooker Gomberg, The Pickford is named after Mary Pickford.

Further to that, a number of existing bike lanes across Toronto could also benefit from an actual name. As to what those names should be, that’s where you come in.

Add your routes and any ideas for names in your comments below.

Please also share your thoughts for the separated bike lanes along University Avenue being named The Pickford.

Mary Pickford's birthplace at 211 University Avenue. Hospital for Sick Children stands near here today.

Thank You BikingToronto,


Toronto City Council Candidate

Click Here to view a video about why naming the University Avenue bike lanes is in my platform.