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Bixi Toronto

About Bixi:

Bixi is a public bicycle rental system that originated in Montreal. It is based on the popular “Velib” bicycle rental system in Paris, France. Since launching in Montreal it has expanded (or has plans to expand) to London, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Boston and Toronto.

Bixi’s initial launch in Toronto is scheduled for May 2011. It will launch in the downtown core of the city, bordered roughly by Bloor, Jarvis, Lakeshore and Spadina. It will launch with 1,000 bicycles at 80 Bixi stations spread around the downtown core, approximately 300 metres apart.

How Much?

Bixi Toronto annual memberships are $95 (or $107.35 with HST). This will give you unlimited use of Bixi bikes as long as you have the bike for less than 30 minutes. You can return any Bixi bike to any Bixi station.

How To Join Bixi:

To become a Bixi Toronto member, visit their website at http://toronto.bixi.com

Bixi Toronto Sponsorships

For corporations, Bixi has lots of information about buying gift certificates for employees as well as sponsorship opportunities.

Contact Sean Wheldrake at swheldra@toronto.ca for more information.

Getting the Bixi Toronto Started:

City staff and the Public Bike System Company ( PBSC ) have negotiated the draft terms of an agreement whereby PBSC would enter into a 10‑year agreement with the City to be launched May 1, 2011 . When the program is deployed, Torontonians and visitors would have access to 1,000 bicycles via 80 fully automated and conveniently located “bicycle parking stations” in the downtown area during the first year of operation with the potential to expand the system to other areas in the future. The System shall be operated under the brand “BIXI Toronto”.

During this first phase PBSC and City staff would focus on achieving five project milestones that would trigger the launch of the program.

The five project milestones are:

  • $600,000 in sponsorship funding for 3 years;
  • 1,000 subscription pledges ($95 each);
  • 80 approved bicycle parking station locations;
  • Marketing/communications plan in place; and
  • PBSC obtaining a loan commitment on terms satisfactory to the Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer.

The project milestones must be achieved by November 30, 2010 to launch the program by May 1, 2011 . When the project milestones have been met, the City will provide a loan guarantee ($4.8 million) to PBSC . In turn, PBSC will secure a loan for an estimated $4.8 million and commence to manufacture the BIXI equipment for installation in Toronto and establish a local operations group to manage the program.

PW32.8‑Proposed Public Bicycle Program ‑ Staff Report (PDF):


Here is a link to the BIXI Toronto power point (PDF):


Recent News about Bixi:

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