I made it through the winter!

By | March 14, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe it’s March already. I never thought I would make it!

It’s been a year, ONE WHOLE YEAR, since I sold my car. Can I get a pat on the back please?

I’m not going to lie, I still make use of the truck sometimes, but only on weekends, and only about once a week. Other than that, my daily commute has been on a bike. Through rain, snow, sleet, sun, wind… I’ve done it. I missed a few days here and there due to illness, but not once did I let the weather keep me off the bike.

To celebrate, I’m treating myself to an upgrade. YAY!

Those who have been reading for the last year know that I’ve been through several bikes. My first was an electric, and only lasted three weeks, before I found the long john. And while the long john served us well, I’ll be trading it in for something a little more slick: a Kona Ute with two child seats.

This decision was NOT made lightly. It’s been a point of contention between the hubby and I for months. But in the end, he won, or won me over rather, with the promise of a hub motor. You see, despite developing some pretty strong legs over the course of the year, I still cannot tackle the steep hills that take me north to Bloor Street. I haven’t been able to bike up to Bloor on my own since last spring, when I still had the pedal-assist. South-bound, I can manage, the hills are not too steep and far enough apart that I can catch my breath in between.But north? I miss north.

Now, you may wonder why I don’t just put a hub motor on the long john. I’m worried about the steering. At high speeds, the long john becomes more difficult to steer – the only time I ever got up to any decent speed (down a hill, with a tailwind) I wiped out. I have a lot more confidence in a ‘traditional’ bikes steering mechanism.

So, I’m selling the cargo bike. I don’t really want to, but like my husband keeps remind me, it’ll be an upgrade. I’ll be able to mount easier, so that’s a definite plus, and it’ll be a lighter bike (less frame), and it’ll be electric. And it’ll be new. I haven’t had a new bike since I was eleven. Pretty exciting.


One year. Congratulations to me!



jnyyz on March 21, 2011 at 6:24 pm.

that is fantastic. I saw the invodane for sale, and I wondered who was selling it. Best of luck with the kona. I’d be curious to see how it compares with the trek gary fisher transport plus. Also make sure that the kickstand is absolutely bombproof. My feel a lot better about two kids on my xtracycle after getting a centrestand.

The other bike you might consider is the electric yuba mundo. If I didnt have my xtracycle, the yuba would be the cargobike I’d buy. It is heavy, but much more rigid than the xtracycle. Also, with the outriggers, if it tips over, it won’t tip all the way over. Unfortunately, there is no dealer near toronto.

Joe on March 31, 2011 at 2:48 pm.

congrats on riding thru the winter
I too did it out here in Durham Region
it was taxing some days but very worthwhile
drove my car to work only once in December, other days rode my bike to bus stop and used the bike racks
congrats again and keep riding

Mary Ann on March 31, 2011 at 5:56 pm.

I wanted to see the spring cycling plans. I know 2 kids that might like to try out the double seats! – but what are you going to do for a long distance cycle if it is too far for a 5 year old?

Andrew Birse on June 16, 2011 at 12:55 pm.

Hiya. I discovered your blog while researching cargo bikes.
A nice view into the reality of living carfree in T.O.
If you’ve already got the Ute with the two child seats, I’d be interested in knowing the overall height (to the top of the seats) of your set up.
I’m planning to build a locking shed for a future Ute, and I’d like to know
what I’m getting myself into. It’d be swell if you could include what size Ute you bought (18″?20″?) and the brand of child seat. (I’m looking at the PeaPodIII, myself)
Cheers and happy trails!

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