By | June 12, 2010

NO, I’m not a soccer fan. Read on.

There are two phrases which make my husband cringe. “I had an idea” and “Look what I found at the curb!”. This week, I had a find. And after the find, I got a gift.  Dear husband is not so happy, me… kid in a candy store.

Baby S’s first birthday was on Monday, so we went on an adventure – subway to High Park, followed by ice cream. Best kind of adventure for a kid. On the way back to the subway we were walking on the south side of Bloor when I spotted a pile of rubbish at the curb on the north side. I checked the traffic, scooped up Miss K and ran across the road to investigate the blue frame I thought I saw.

It’s a Supercycle, single speed, beach pedals, seemingly straight, undamaged and pretty much rust free. I grabbed it in one hand, held my little girls in the other, and dragged it home with me on the subway. Some people think that’s weird. Some people think it’s even weirder that the whole way home I was investigating the frame, looking for a serial number, playing with the brake levers. Bah. I’m weird.


My neighbor across the road, saw me carrying the frame home and then placing it lovingly on the driveway and circling it a few times and came over to chat. He said something like “So you like old bike frames huh?” And I laughed and said yes. He said “I’ve got an old bike in my garage, do you want it?” I love my neighbors.

This one is a CCM Tourista? Tourisma? I’ve forgotten already. Road frame, partially converted with straight handle bars and one new shifter cable. New rubber, but no tubes. Original shifters are still mounted, but disconnected. I’m on the fence with this one – do I convert it fully to new shifters and keep the straight handle bar? Or put the old drop bar back on and restore it to it’s original vintage glory? Probably the latter… Oh, and the serial number makes it a ’72. Same year as the Galaxie. I’m thinking that it’s meant to be that I keep this bike as a companion to the Galaxie. :)


One thing is for certain, I’m going to need to make friends with someone who sells vintage bike parts. Preferably someone who is willing to trade for baked goods and kind words. :)

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Bikeroo on June 12, 2010 at 7:35 am.

Nice finds!
If you need any parts I’ve got a lot of random stuff lying around from derailleurs to wheels and even a few leather saddles.

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