A sunny day ride

By | May 4, 2010

IMG_1150How I love spring. My sister came by and suggested a ride, so we loaded up the kids and set out. I thought it would be fair if she took at least one of the kids – so I hooked her up with the trailer, and Mr T and Miss K both jumped in. We didn’t stay out long because the poor baby was lonely in the front of the long john all by herself.


IMG_1152 A panda shot would have been easier if I had brought a panda. The only reason I even attempted it was because my sister’s point and shoot is one-hand operable, where my camera is not. I am very tempted to try and rig up a camera stand for my handlebars -would certainly make taking pictures while riding a heck of a lot safer.


This is what the baby does the ENTIRE time we are out on the bike. Struggles with her helmet. Sometimes she does it quietly, and I don’t know what she’s up to until she gets it wedged over her eyes and can’t see. Sometimes she shrieks like a seagull getting eaten alive by a mountain lion. Helmet laws suck.

My sister seemed to remember an entrance to the Humber path from the Park Lawn Cemetery – so we went to look for it. Found a footpath, but no way for us to get to it. On the positive side, the cemetery is actually a really pleasant place to bike.

Discovered something new about my bike – with an unbalanced load, the front end wobbles like mad over about 10kms/h. It was a slow ride. :)

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Dottie on May 24, 2010 at 8:33 pm.

Beautiful pictures! Poor kid, though. I hear that problem from a lot of parents.

That hill looks like Everest to my eyes, accustomed to flat flat Chicago.

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