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By | March 30, 2010

I’ve been slowly knocking things off my list of “Things I miss about my car”. I posted previously about my trunk, and I’m working on a couple of other projects that I’ll post soon. For now, here is my “center console”. Honestly, my car was an extension of my purse. I carried EVERYTHING around with me EVERYWHERE. My center console was filled with all my goodies: snacks, entertainment, lip gloss, spare subway tokens, and it was a place to stash my purse. I can’t see myself changing my “carry everything you might ever need” habit anytime soon, so more storage was definitely in order. wald-3133-q-r-bolt-on-front-handlebar-bike-basket

I got this basket from Urbane – simple, quick release, and cheap. Nothing special. But the lip gloss falls right through the bottom. They also had some really nice baskets at the shop.000002823 Lip-gloss compatible. So I mashed the two together, and made a nice liner.

IMG_5729I’ve taken this basket with me on numerous trips to the grocery store, and in addition to getting many compliments, it’s proven quite functional. Pop it off, fill it up, pop it back on and go. And the best part? It’s like the TARDIS. It looks small on the outside, but it’s much bigger on the inside. IMG_5730Sweet yes? I really wanted to stick a baguette in the top of the basket, it would have made for a nice picture, but alas – a fresh baked baguette doesn’t last more than ten minutes in this house.

The drawstring top lies flat against the inside of the basket when not in use, so it doesn’t get in the way if I don’t need it. And underneath the flap, I’ve hidden a teeny tiny bungee cord in case I need a little extra security. I added a clip to the frame to put my keys on while I’m riding (so they don’t have to be in my pocket) and I padded the handle so it’s comfortable to lug around the grocery store.

And, mustn’t forget – reflective tape. Got a few hundred meters of it now, so it’s going on everything.

It’s secured with Velcro, so the liner can be removed and washed. Or if I’m feeling like I need a change – I can make another one in another colour. Because these things are important to women. MUST COLOUR CO-ORDINATE. It’s in our genes.

Happy Tuesday. Enjoy the sun!


Joe T. on March 30, 2010 at 7:27 am.

Really nice post Claire. My wife would *love* a basket like this.

Extra props for the Dr. Who reference. :)

misslynx on March 30, 2010 at 9:31 pm.

Very cool – now I want to make liners for my bike baskets! Except that they’re the folding kind that attach to the rear carrier, so I’m not sure what would happen to the liners when they were folded up…

In practice, I mostly tend to put stuff in a bag (the smaller size of the President’s Choice cloth shopping bags is a pretty good fit) before putting it in the baskets. I guess that’s really the same basic idea as this liner, but not nearly as stylish. Really must correct that, ASAP. :-)

What kind of fabric did you use for your liner?

cFletch on March 31, 2010 at 4:33 am.

I used cotton canvas – this print is from Ikea. I doubled it so it’s pretty stiff, and doesn’t slouch down inside the basket – so if you were to put that into a collapsible basket it would probably be too bulky to fold properly.
A stylish solution for you would be to put a square of fabric onto the PC bag – easier to do as well.

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