Highlights from the Bike Show: Pt 2

By | March 23, 2010

Thought there would never be a part two?  :)

Two more products I wanted to share my thoughts on: The Sanyo Eneloop Bike, and the Wike trailers.

My set-up, though functional, leaves a LOT to be desired. I wouldn’t want to be without the pedal assist when I’m towing the kids, so I worry about the battery life the further I get from home (and my charger). I had a brief moment of panic yesterday when I was waiting at a red light – on a hill – and I looked down to see my battery indicator was orange instead of green. Luckily, turning the switch off and then on again fixed it – but if the battery had died….

Sanyo Eneloop

That's a nice looking bike.

The Eneloop bike charges as you ride. A simple concept – the hybrid cars have it, why not hybrid bikes?  I hit enough hills yesterday that I bet my battery usage would have been negated by the re-charge on the downhills. It also increases the motor output on steep hills – more help when you need it.  It’s a smart bike.

Another feature: the battery. Never mind that it lasts longer than the one I’ve got, it also weighs about 2/3′s less, is smaller, and mounted lower. Smart. My bike tips over, a lot. Even after upgrading to a double kickstand – it’s top heavy, and it falls over. Wheel-benders are risky enough places to park, but when you factor in that your bike will probably tip over all by itself, and the added weight of the battery and child seat…. recipe for disaster.

Can you tell that I want this bike? And to tow behind it, a Wike Softie.

It’s spring in Toronto, which we all know means potholes. I can avoid most, but sometimes, I can’t. It’s hard to judge where the trailer wheels are going to land sometimes (it’ll come with practice, I know) and there is nothing to absorb that shock for the kids. Like my Grandma says “It’s like riding on a shovel”. If I could afford it, I’d get the kids a Wike. In addition to the elastomer suspension, it’s got more leg room, more head room, better views and better ventilation. It’s built better, it folds down flat in about 3 seconds…. I could go on. It is, in  my opinion, the best child trailer available right now.

So now, I’ve either got to win the lottery, or cross my fingers that someone from Sanyo or Wike happens to read this blog and decide to make a charitable donation. :)

I can dream can’t I?

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