Highlights from the Bike Show: Pt1

By | March 8, 2010

iBert front mounted seat

iBert front mounted seat

Had a chance to attend the bike show over the weekend. Not a whole lot of interest to me – as a non-racing, non-touring, non-stunt riding cyclist. But there were a few good finds, and I did get a good deal on a helmet, so it was definitely worth the while.

First: the iBert seat. Front mounted, but doesn’t get in the way of pedaling. We bought another front mounted seat two years ago and we both hate it. It required an additional cross bar to be mounted between the handle bars and the seat, making it even harder for me to swing my leg up and over. And when my husband was riding, he had to swing his knees out to the side to avoid hitting the seat. Awful. The iBert is awesome. EASY to install, EASY to lift your child in and out. Doesn’t get in the way – of anything. I could mount it to my step-through and still step-through. I tested it out with my 2.5 year old, she loved it. I could even get her in and out while I had the 9mo old in the baby carrier on my back. And the best part – better center of gravity than a rear mounted seat. A lot less wobble. Why didn’t I buy it? Price was a little steep. Maybe next year.

urbaneUrbane Cyclist: picked up a load of sew-on reflective tape for the bags I need to make for the bike, and chatted with the lovely people at the booth. Was quite distracted by the kids so have since forgotten their names. But that’s OK, we’re going to make a trip down to the store this week and I can refresh my memory then. At the show: sweet handmade cycling caps, a couple of custom-built utility bikes, and some bags and bar wraps that I didn’t get a good enough look at. Very friendly.

Trip up to the park this afternoon – 3 kms round trip. Part 2 of the bike show tomorrow.

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