Why People Who Ride Bikes Can’t Support Rob Ford

This video may be 3 years old, but he’s still singing the same tune:

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  1. Hearts of stone can’t bleed.

  2. Note he left out pedestrians. I serves THEM right too – I suppose – if they are killed.

    I guess he never walks on the cities streets – other-wise he would have been hit by now – being as large a target as he is…. I mean in a Karma kind of way.

  3. Ford has softened his stance a bit since becoming a mayoral candidate… but facts are facts… he doesn’t think cyclists are important.

    I have heard him state that he would not take out any bikelanes already installed, because it would “cost money”.

    I’m a little afraid of what the condition of Toronto roads would be like after 4 years of Ford in charge.

    Maybe the right wing would learn that yes, making sure a city is maintained well costs money.

  4. Joe said,

    “Maybe the right wing would learn that yes, making sure a city is maintained well costs money.”

    I think this brand of right wingers – the ‘Chicago School’, the “Straussians” – want power at any cost, even at the cost of democracy itself – and especially the liberal democratic foem – towards their global empire project. You don’t need public infrastructure if your wealth comes from imperial conquest.

    I think it is a great mistake to underestimate them.

  5. he’s right about bike lanes though, i havent seen one physically stop a car.

    we need dedicated bike lanes seperated by a boulevard curb that would wreck an SUV’s transmission badly if it mounted it at any speed. then we’d have moderate safety for cyclists. to accept less is to accept continued deaths of cyclists.

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