What’s Your Excuse?

It wasn’t until a close friend was hit by a car that I started to regularly wear my helmet.

Before he ended up in the hospital I didn’t personally know anyone who had been seriously injured on a bicycle. I’d raced throughout high school and had a bike with me during every university move and not a single person I knew had anything more than a few scrapes and bruises after minor falls.

Out of site, out of mind.

However, after witnessing the lengthy recovery my friend went through, although he never suffered a head injury, well, that was enough to get me to start wearing a helmet.

For me, a helmet helps me have “peace of mind” during my commute and day to day errands. I don’t really feel protected, as I never want to test out the effectiveness of my brain bucket. Instead, wearing a helmet has simply become part of my routine. My bike ride feels naked without my two locks and my helmet firmly on my head.

Recently, a “Helmet Patrol Program” was launched in York Region. Cyclists wearing helmets were rewarded with gift certificates and draw entries while those who sported a bare head were given discount coupons towards the purchase of a helmet.

From the article:

Our younger residents are complying, somewhat, but why aren’t the adults protecting themselves from potential harm?

The most prevalent reasons in Stouffville were because they don’t have to and because he/she believed themselves to a good cyclist.

Read you can read the article here and then join the discussion about cycling safety and helmets in the forum.

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