What We Wear When Cycling in Toronto

Bike and Business Suit

Sitting in a car, no one can see what you’ve got on. For better or for worse, on a bicycle you’ve got nowhere to hide. Here’s how we dress when on our bicycles in Toronto.

We wear solids on our small bikes:

Strida at speed

Sometimes we wear all black (to not be seen “salmoning”):

Looking back

Or we wear all blue:


And then we also wear some other primary colours:

urban biking

To be seen we wear our safety vests:

Kids are out on CM

And we sometimes wear clothes that are meant not to be seen:


And sometimes we wear no shirts at all:


And when it’s warm, we wear shirts to show off our pregnant bellies:

And we wear skirts and motorcycle helmets:

Cyclist - IMGP0181 ep

Or we wear silly animal helmets:


Or we wear boxes:


Or we wear no helmet at all because we have cool hair:

bike #1

And we wear halter tops when taking our other bike out for a walk:

Bikes get lonely too if you leave them home alone.

Or we put on our summery Canadian Tuxedo:

Speedy Cyclist

And we carry sparklers in summer dresses:

Cycling with a sparkler

And play the horn in our sharp vests:


When it rains we put on our bright rain jackets:

riding in the rain

And when it snows we simply cover up more:

Day 343: On the move

Or cover up completely:

Polar Bear Bike

All photos from the BikingToronto Flickr Pool

What do you wear to bike in Toronto? Share your style in the Biking Toronto Forum


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