What to do if your bicycle was removed by the City of Toronto

Abandoned bicycle

Although contrary to the snow and cold of this April it is spring in Toronto and with the season change comes a clean up on our streets. Bike lanes are swept and potholes filled and abandoned bicycles are tagged for removal.

But what happens to these bicycles?

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Abandoned bicycle clean up and recovery are handled by Right-of Way Management and Litter Operations.

If you have left your bicycle locked to a City installed ring and post rack and returned after a few days to find it missing, your ride may have been removed by Litter Operations. Bicycles that were not claimed after a notice was given yet are in working condition (no missing parts or excess rust) are photographed and stored with information of where the bicycle was removed from. To claim your bicycle simply call 311 and they’ll assist you in recovery.

Also, if you’d like to report an abandoned bicycle that is taking up much needed parking space then also call 311.

In short, if you’re missing a bicycle you left locked up for an extended period of time; call 311.
If you want a bicycle removed; call 311.

Information via 311 Toronto
Bikes in a truck photo via Twitter


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