Video of Sheppard Bryant Collision

Warning; this is a very disturbing video…

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  1. Bryant is getting away with murder because of his position and connections. Right from the outset, the authorities and media showed a bias towards Bryant being a victim of road rage. Now the prosecutor has ignored certain troubling facts and decided not to lay charges against Bryant. In his prejudiced analysis, the prosecutor has justified the unjustifiable. Consider the following:

    1. The corpse of Sheppard was put to a toxicology test while Bryant was not given a breathalyzer test. One does not have to look drunk to be over .08 alcohol. Most people after a night out celebrating like Bryant would be over .08. If Bryant had been found driving under the influence, this incident would have taken a whole different outlook.

    2. It was Bryant who initiated the incident by slamming into the rear of Sheppard’s bike and causing Sheppard to land on Bryant’s hood. Then Bryant reversed and Sheppard landed on the ground. Bryant’s actions were absurd.

    3. Even after the above and with Sheppard on the ground, instead of Bryant getting out to help the cyclist, Bryant accelerated forward and around Sheppard, as if Bryant wanted to leave the scene of the accident. Contrary to what he maintains, Bryant could not have been threatened by Sheppard up to this point since there still had not been direct contact between them. Sheppard got up in time and latched onto Bryant’s car when he realized Bryant was trying to get away.

    This is not a case of Bryant fleeing from road rage, but rather Bryant fleeing from the scene.

    Anyone in Toronto who cares about the injustice of this incident should continue to pursue justice and not allow Bryant to catch his breath.


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