Urban Repair Squad Questions Harbord’s Missing Bike Lanes

Toronto’s anonymous group of activists known as the Urban Repair Squad are no stranger to Harbord Street. They’ve installed bike boxes, comically expressed the sensations of cycling along the street pre-repairs and now they’re questioning why, with fresh pavement laid, the Harbord bike lanes do not extend between Bathurst and Spadina.

City Councilor Adam Vaughan has answered this question time and time again, stating that he believes that street parking is essential along this strip. Funny, because Joe Pantalone didn’t seem to have any issue with having less street parking on Harbord between Ossington and Bathurst that I know of. Sure, there are less businesses there, but considering that Harbord connects many U of T students and many downtown workers with their homes in the West end, this disconnect endangers many for the benefit of so very few.

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  1. My son used to bike along Harbord to get to the UofT pool and he would get off his bike and walk when he got to this section. At least he didn’t bike on the sidewalk.
    There are lots of schools in the area… how are we ever going to get kids biking to school when the bikelanes that are supposed to get them there safely end abruptly, spitting cyclists out into the doorzone?

  2. I’m disappointed in Adam Vaughan on this issue.

    I would like to think he’s paid attention to the numerous studies that show that cyclists and pedestrians are more important to businesses along “retail strips” than a few parking spaces.

  3. Agreed Joe,

    You’d think of all people Adam Vaughan would be up on this stuff.

    Also, I guess this shows a disconnect between where the taxes are paid, and where the infrastructure is. Just because the store fronts are where they are shouldn’t give business owners a disproportionally louder voice than the people who are using the infrastructure that happens to pass by their places of business.

    As well as, as you point out, their opinions are misinformed – they’d see more local business with more bicycles parking in front of their stores.

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