Toronto Spring Bicycle Show – No Commuter Cyclist Options?

Starting Friday March, 5, 2010 the Toronto International Bicycle Show will take place in the Better Living Centre at Toronto’s famous CNE grounds.

Here’s a link to the floor plan so you can see who will have products for sale and on display: Floor Plan

This past weekend I went bicycle shopping with my mother. She’s recently starting commuting by bicycle and was weighing out her options. 2010 is proving to be a really exciting year as many major bicycle manufacturers are offering more everyday commuter options than in recent years. Gary Fisher, Trek and Globe all have upright bicycles that come standard with racks, fenders, internal gearing and even internal hub brakes.

With more Torontonians choosing to commute to work by bicycle, I find it strange that of the shops I visited most mentioned they wouldn’t be bringing their commuter options. Cyclocross, MTB, road racing and BMX bikes will be there, but what about the commuters?

I’ll be heading to the show this weekend to see what kind of everyday commuter options are on display, if any at all. If you have any tips on who to see at the show, please leave them in the comments.


  1. “Hello Velo” (in Leslieville) has published a Spring Bike Show Buyers Guide, which includes hybrids/commuters.

  2. There is a cycle chic booth.

  3. Joe: Thanks for the link, that’s a great resource for anyone looking to buy at the Bike Show.

    John: I just saw that, nice. Do you know anything more about what the booth is about?

    Urbane Cyclist is there as well, and they are strictly a commuter shop.

  4. I “tweeted” at TrekToronto to see if they are bringing a lot of commuter-bikes to the show. I haven’t been in their store, but my wife has, and she says they have a great selection of “normal” bikes. (her words). :)

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