Toronto Bike Life: Queen Street Part 4

Building Renewal: Dovercourt to Shaw

Drake You Ho!Between the nightlife of Queen and Beaconsfield and the shopping of Queen and Niagara is a strip undergoing quite possibly the most important revitalization of this entire area.

As CAMH tears down old buildings and introduces newer, brighter spaces for their residents, the community also benefits from the open spaces on the south side of Queen Street.

Meanwhile, you can still buy used appliances from a cramped store while out browsing the art galleries here. Stop in for a coffee and park your bicycle out front on one of the many ring and posts.


Spirit of Friends

Two Bikes and a Trailer

The Melissa

Out for a Run


Atmosphere Around Here

Torn Down


Wicked Pass

Five Left


Coffe Break


Kids Parking

Parking Options

Calming Zone Begins Slow

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  1. That bike in the window of the Melissa looks just like my first bike. Oh the memories. :)

  2. That guy on the motorized scooter tried to crash into me at queen and dufferin under the bridge.
    Instead he drove into a car and scratched up the entire side!
    He was going eastbound in a westbound lane due to the construction.
    Passing the wicked indeed!

  3. So you know he tried to intentionally run into you??? Truth is, there’re a lot of those mobility scooters around, with riders getting older… have to wonder at what point their rides have to be taken away from them… same as cars, `cept cars have some regulation about testing aging drivers at least.

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