“This is Amsterdam and this is my bike”

This is Amsterdam Screen Shot

Notice the theme throughout this video. Cycling is easy. This is something we forget in North America.

Via Bakfiets en Meer


  1. Nice. I saw a video of London Mayor Boris Johnson at the press conference of the London Bixi (Barclay’s Cycle Hire) system, and he was asked a question about safety.

    He said something like “oh, it’s riding a bike! it’s fun and easy… just get out there, assert yourself a little, and you’ll be fine”.

    It’s fun and easy… a fact that is often lost on this side of the Atlantic.

  2. The video by the government of Amsterdam was awesome. The Dutch take great pride in their bikes.
    This must have been filmed at dawn as the bicycle and car traffic mid day is a site to behold. The video made me want to board a plane and experience it first hand.

  3. Great clip! Amsterdam is a wonderful city with different culture. People in Amsterdam take bike as part of their daily routine. They use bike to roam around and also going to work.

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