The Toronto Cyclists Handbook

The Partnership for Integration and Sustainable Transportation (a joint initiative of CultureLink Settlement Services and the Toronto Cyclists Union) has launched The Toronto Cyclists Handbook.

Available in 17 languages, the handbook provides an excellent introduction to the rules of the road and how to join the more than 400,000 Torontonians who use bicycles to get to work and play.

The Toronto Cyclists Handbook Cover

The information within the handbook is to the point and accompanied by helpful illustrations.

The Toronto Cyclists Handbook Page 8

The Toronto Cyclists Handbook Page 9

The Toronto Cyclists Handbook Excerpt Page 13

The handbook is currently available from the Toronto Cyclists Union and CultureLink Settlement Services. The handbook will soon be available online as a PDF and will see greater distribution as part of CultureLink’s Newcomer Settlement Program.

Please note that the text in the handbook is not faded as appears above, this is due to an error in my photo taking.


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