The Road Popper – Make Your Bicycle Even More Useful

Road Popper

Road Popper 2

Sure, your bicycle can take you all over town, it can carry some of your stuff and it can even be a great conversation starter but, has your bicycle opened a bottle for you lately?

Design duo, Chromoly have that problem solved. Introducing the Road Popper.

More info or to purchase here.


  1. You should always drink while your driving your bicycle. :)

  2. Should you use this while in motion (to open your favourite soda) you’ll appear to be a real “tough ass.”

    I’m seriously laughing so hard at this pun. Sorry for sharing!

  3. It’s good for pop bottles too. :) The good “micro-pops” that still have real caps.

  4. o.k thats just wicked! i gotta get one.. to match the 12 pack

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