The Perils of Bike Lane Riding

Just because it’s a bike lane doesn’t mean everyone respects it. Case in point, College Street.

Via Neistat Brothers


  1. Haha. Saw this video first thing this morning – was going to post it but other things came up, so I’m glad you did. :)

  2. I thought this was pretty good when I first saw it and, while I realize he’s using satire to make his point, what he misses is that cyclists ought to be a bit more patient.

    Sure, it sucks when some d-bag parks in a bike lane or a garbage can is in the way but you’re on a mobility device – just move around it! Slow down, check that it’s safe, and move around it.

    Not too difficult, methinks…

  3. soggy: You’re missing the point of the video. NYC police have been ticketing cyclists for not riding in the bike lane (there’s even been an incident where an officer parked in the lane and then proceeded to ticket cyclists passing him). Of course, you can’t be criminally charged for not riding in a bike lane in Toronto (or elsewhere). But hey, thanks for your tip… go around obstacles, yeah, I’ll give that a shot [headslap].

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