Straight to kindergarten? On my bike, no way!



Via Fixed Xor Broken


  1. Very cool vid. Can’t wait to get Ally on a Like-a-Bike.

    This is from Squamish, where my brother lives. Very beautiful area.

  2. That’s amazing! At first I thought it had to be faked somehow, because a kid that age couldn’t be doing all those bike stunts, but I googled his name, and apparently he really is a 5-year-old stunt biker. Wow!

  3. Wow, I totally missed that this was already posted in the BikingToronto forum about a week ago. If you want to find a “Like a Bike” in Toronto, here’s some advice from the forum:

    jnyyz said 5 hours, 50 minutes ago:

    if you want the genuine article (like a bike) then several stores around town carry them, including urbane cyclist, and high end kid’s stores such as Kolkid on queen west. I have one and it is great. Having said that, there are numerous knockoffs that are much cheaper now (although not as nice in my opinion; in particular, almost all the copies are quite a bit heavier, which make the bike more difficult to handle for the child). The most popular seems to be the skuut. MEC also carries a wood bike. No experience with either of these. Norco also makes a metal run bike for about $100. I know that Sweet Pete’s carries it. My neighbour has two of them. not as nice as the original, but again, one third the price.

    The actual bike in the video is a kokua aluminum bike (the same company that makes the wood like a bike). I’ve seen it and it is beautiful, but also quite expensive.

  4. How cute, reminds me of my 4 year old, even the same olympic backpack..

    kids pick up the crazy stuff early.. damn Red Bull.

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