Someone at Amsterdam Brewery Sure Loves Bikes

Maybe you’ve enjoyed the Big Wheel Deluxe Amber from Amsterdam Brewery, but did you know they also make another bicycle-themed beer?

Via Greg Clow’s review on Taste T.O.:

amsterdam boneshaker Greg Clow photo from

Boneshaker is labelled an “Unfiltered India Pale Ale”, and this is proven to be true by the pour, which brings a hazy reddish-orange body with a thick and persistent head of not-quite-white foam. The aroma has a hard time cutting through the head, but what does make it through is pleasant and fruity, with nice hints of pineapple and grapefruit, and not even a hint of nail polish remover. The body is medium full, and the flavour is chock full of hoppy goodness, with loads of citrus and tropical fruit, a bit of pine, and a long finish of grapefruit and orange zest. The malt definitely plays second fiddle, but offers enough caramel sweetness to be noticed.

Boneshaker IPA is available now in 500 ml bottles at the Amsterdam retail store, and on draught at select bars around town. In either format, it’s worth having a full one – just act fast, as it’s a limited release and won’t be around for long.

Read the full article here, photo via Taste T.O.

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