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It sometimes feel like Toronto police get stuck in a rut when it comes to enforcing traffic violations. They have their preferred locations where they camp out and rarely seem to stray from these established areas.

To me, that means that many places in the city, places where law violations seriously risk the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, are ignored.

For example, the newly installed Bike Boxes on Harbord and College streets are a prime example. My daily travels take me by the intersections with bike boxes and more often than not there are drivers either ignoring the stop lines or making illegal right turns on red lights. Yet, I have never seen police officers on site ready to both educate and ticket drivers who make these violations.

Is it because Toronto police don’t know or don’t believe that these are trouble areas? Well, if the reason is the former then thankfully Toronto police have an easy-to-use online reporting system that allows you to submit complaints.

Is there a stop signed intersection that drivers constantly fail to stop for (like the entire stretch of Barton from Christie to Bathurst)? Is there a key area where you observe a large number of drivers using handheld devices? Is there a stretch of road where drivers consistently exceed posted speed limits?

Let Toronto police know! Submit your complaints here: Online Citizen Police Reporting System

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Duncan rides bicycles in the city of Toronto and contributes to the main blog of BikingToronto as well as writing and taking photos for his blog Duncan's City Ride.


  1. You are absolutely right, there are a lot more places where police to patrol more frequently. There are so many drivers that do not stop at a red before making a right, nor do they come to a complete stop at the line at stop signs. What is the point of stopping a car length into the intersection, might as well just go through. I also believe there should be more red light cameras and fines for people going through yellow lights. That is getting to be a huge problem all on it’s own.
    Although it is mainly a vehicle driver issue, but cyclist do not stop at stop signs either. I was nearly hit the other day when crossing at a stop sign and a cyclist coming down the street with his phone in his hand went straight through the intersection. He had to swerve to miss me, best part I was on the opposite side of the intersection then the actual stop sign.

    Being a motorist, cyclist and pedestrian myself, I believe everyone using streets or sidewalks need to pay more attention to what they are doing and respect all the laws of the road, not just those convenient at the time. All groups need to stop blaming the others until they are completely innocent themselves as a whole.

    Just my two cents…….

  2. pissedoff says:

    A saw a range rover today, at around 1 PM in the afternoon, at King Street west and John street intersection right in front of that Tim Hortons.

    As I was waiting for the street car, which arrived and stopped in front of me, people were getting off the street cars and I witnessed this black range rover that came behind the street car at an average speed over 40, didn’t even care to slow down or stop (as per the law) behind the street car, so the the people getting down can be safe. The driver just passed the street car as if he doesn’t care if he kills someone, while I am watching this with horror. The person that got down in in the front of the street car didn’t pay attention and he got down quickly, within a microsecond his reflexes saved him from getting hit. The street car driver did not honk as it happened within a few seconds. A few people were about to die right in front of me and it must have been their lucky day that the didn’t get killed.

    The person that was driving the range rover must either be a psycho or someone who got his license illegaly or simply not aware of the street car stopping rules.

    If someone doesn’t stop this person I am positive that in the next few days assuming he is going to drive around downtown Toronto, he will kill some innocent people that trust the laws and going to get off the street car. I am not sure how to bring this to the attention of the cops and find this car before it gets out of the hand.

  3. Very good point to be taken seriously. I didn’t know that it was that frequent too in Toronto. I live in Montreal and see plenty of those myself when I’m riding in the city or when I’m driving too. And I mean not particularly in Montreal but in most big cities, like Mr Barney said, people are more careless of their surroundings. I don’t know about Toronto but in MTL, right turns are prohibited everywhere in the city and the police isn’t always there to check every car. So, situations like Mr. «Pissedoff» can happen frequently. There’s a similar story about 3 Triathletes who were crashed into by a brainless and despicable human being in his truck. Horrible story. Here’s the link.

  4. Yet, I have never seen police officers on site ready to both educate and ticket drivers who make these violations.

  5. Doesn’t matter, their online reporting system hasn’t been available for ages.

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