Perfecting ‘The Hop’ and Sidesaddle Cycling

The law in Ontario is a little iffy on this… or not.

Bicycle passengers

(2) No person riding on a bicycle designed for carrying one person only shall carry any other person thereon. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 178 (2).

So then, you can only have two people on a bicycle that is intended for two passengers. Does that only mean tandems or bicycles with child seats? One of my bikes has a large rear rack that can comfortably seat an adult, but does it have to be plastic with a seat belt to be considered a seat? If the passenger is an adult must my bicycle accommodate them with pedals and a saddle?

Either way, turns out Cathryn and I need to practice “the hop” on our shared rides on my bicycle. We’re pretty good at starting from a standstill, but this will seriously up our game.

Via Amsterdamize

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  1. Riding on a rear rack is definitely illegal. We confirmed this with Sgt. Burrows a while back. I’ve seen several people get ticketed recently for this (especially since the police started targeting cyclists a couple months back).

    Though I still do it as often as I can when friends need a lift because it’s a stupid law, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do it. Haven’t been ticketed yet, but I’d be happy to fight the ticket if I do end up getting one…

  2. that’s too bad that it’s illegal to double up on a bike … but that’s a dreamy video. i wish it kept on going on and on and on….

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