Only 17 Post and Rings on 1.5 km Stretch of Redesigned St. Clair West

Found via Twitter user markjull:

Google Map of Post and Ring locations by Mark

Go here for the map.

What gives Astral?


  1. Ring ‘n posts are actually done by the City and not by Astral media. Unfortunately, there is a HUGE back log in the number of ring ‘n posts available and a HUGE demand for them on the streets.

    Normally, there’s a formal application process that must be done in order to request one of the posts but Councillor Mihevc’s office was persistent and were able to jump the line and get what few posts were available and stick them in high-traffic areas on St. Clair W.

  2. Thank you, Bikeroo.

    I’m not familiar with the street pre-construction. I know there was frustration with the removal of existing bicycle parking from news articles. But I guess the post and rings they removed weren’t the same ones replaced on the street.

  3. Yep, all of the new posts being put up are the double rings as opposed to the single rings which were easier to break but they are completely out of both types so no new rings anywhere until there’re more

  4. Hey! I came here to share my map and here it is already! Thanks, Duncan!
    I’ve sent it to Dan Egan (cycling guy with the city) but have yet to hear back from him. However, Anthony Schein (Joe Mihevic’s assistant, who gave me Dan’s contact info) also suggested the reason for so few is the order backlog and lack of stock.

    It should also be pointed out that Mihevic’s riding includes St. Clair as far west as Winona (where there are sufficient ring and posts). West of Winona is Cesar Palacio’s riding (where there aren’t enough ring and posts).

    However, during my little survey up there I noticed many places to lock up (such as the poles that hold up ‘no stopping’ or ‘no parking’ signs) so don’t be afraid of there being no where to lock up your bike. But you might be a bit afraid of cycling on St. Clair, and rightly so!

  5. St. Clair is a strange place. You get a mix of small stand-alone shops with parking and you get dense sidebyside buildings with rental units above. I noticed that the Blockbuster at Alberta Ave provides a triangle style rack, so there are spots around as you mention.

    The streetcar right of way is a great thing, but on-street parking and narrow lanes are a terrible mix for cyclists. Throw in St. Clair’s wavy hills and you have a street I rarely want to bike along.

  6. @Duncan: those aren’t wavy hills, that’s interval training!

  7. misslynx says:

    I bike on St. Clair pretty often, given that I live there, and I don’t find it too bad (at least, not since the construction finished). Yeah, the on-street parking means you have to keep your eyes open to avoid door prizes, but really, where isn’t that the case? At least, on any major street? Considering how many cyclists I see on St. Clair regularly, I don’t think I’m the only one who considers it a reasonably OK street to bike on.

    I don’t find the hills particularly bothersome at all – they’re all fairly mild. It’s not like trying to ride north from Davenport or something.

    But for those who do find St. Clair daunting, there are good alternate routes for at least a fair bit of it: Heath St. runs west from Yonge to Bathurst, just north of St. Clair, and Maplewood picks up shortly after that and continues to Arlington (west of Christie). You can get from Heath/Tichester to Maplewood without going on any busy streets by going a bit north and then south again – can’t recall the exact streets offhand because I usually just ride on St. Clair these days (it’s quicker).

    Past Arlington, though, there are no good alternates to the north. But south of St. Clair, Benson/Rosemount (one street, changes name partway through) goes from a little past Bathurst all the way to Dufferin.

    All this aside, though, I very much agree: NEED MORE RING POSTS! There are a I’m glad they at least put some back in following the construction (though it took them a while, and it was really aggravating trying to find anywhere to lock your bike before that), but more are really needed. I do understand about them being backed up, though. Sucks, but I guess that’s life.

  8. Good News. The TDCanadaTrust at Queensway and Kipling ( Yes folks, that far west) have installed bike posts as part of their renovation! This is very rare and they should be applauded!


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