NYC DOT says “Don’t Be A Jerk”

Featuring Mario Batali and John Leguizamo the NYC Department of Transportation’s “Don’t Be A Jerk” campaign recently launched and includes the above three video PSAs.

The videos are light-hearted and with the growing bicycle infrastructure in NYC the city is providing safer options for cyclists making following the rules a no-brainer. Hear that Karen Stintz?

Guessing that the “Don’t Be A Murderous Asshole” campaign for drivers will launch next month?


  1. Geez, I hit delete instead of reply to a comment on this post about it being “snarky BS.” I find these videos not only in poor taste but also highly condescending. They focus only on the negative and do nothing to promote the actual infrastructure and appropriate behaviours associated with the growing acceptance of bicycle commuting. Even John Leguizamo says, “you gotta call me names?” These are lowest common denominator PSAs.

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