Man Divorces Bike, Posts “Naked” Photos On Craigslist

Hah! If you’re offended by “blue” language and viciously personifying inanimate objects, read no further.

Craigslist Bike Divorce Screen Shot

terrible divorce with my Giant XTC 2 – $750 (Cabbagetown)

Date: 2010-06-29, 11:07PM EDT

Me – We need to talk
ME – I… I don’t think we should see each other anymore

XTC = What! Why?

ME – It’s not you, I swear.

XTC – I’m too big… that’s it isn’t it!

ME = no, not at all… Hell, I’m 6′. technically I’m too big for you.

XTC – Is it my shifters? You don’t like the Deore’s anymore…

ME – No! I’m telling you it’s me, you’re perfect. You ride better than any other bike

XTC – What!!! you ass hole! you’ve been riding other bikes!
XTC – god I can’t believe you!

ME – Yes, ok I admit it! you’re just too… hybrid for me.

XTC – Her shocks are bigger aren’t they.

ME – god dammit, can we not… please.

XTC – I hate you. As soon as I find someone new I’m leaving.

ME – hahaha, don’t make me laugh, what are you gunna do, post a classified on Craigslist?

…. … … …

Fuck you Giant.XTC 2…. I hate you… even though we were only together for less than a year, you let me ride you maybe 10 times! you suck. I never want to see you again.
Here are all the naked pictures I have of you… I hope everyone see’s what a skank you are.
pickup only

Via Todd Tyrtle and Bikeroo

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  1. Gee, I don’t know… is it legal to just sell your bike like that?

  2. I heard last night that the seller hasn’t received a single response. Most likely because, while creative, the ad fails to mention the size of the bike as well as other details people are actually looking for. Here’s an example of a creative ad that really upped the value of a bike and made the sale:

  3. OK then I’ve got a product placement idea, we can spin this romance thing buddy started with into a Niagara Falls blind date ride for a cancer cure and get a verified Twitter account…



    It’s true though.

  4. Duncan said “I heard last night that the seller hasn’t received a single response.”

    Update, the bike is sold, I e-mailed the dude and he said the bike went the same day that he posted the ad. I guess that’s why the posting has been taken down from CG.

  5. Good to hear!

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