Live, Tonight: ArtSpin Toronto

Be a part of a group bicycle ride that explores Toronto’s west end art district. Not sure what to expect? This short video will fill you in:

More information at

The meeting point is the gate to Trinity Bellwoods Park at Queen St. & Strachan, between 6:30 – 7 pm and ending around 9 pm. Art Spin is a free event, and anyone regardless of age or cycling ability is welcome.



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    Hey Duncan good to see this is getting a lot of attention.

    You started the Art Spin Events page here in BikingToronto ( I stumbled upon the video at Neighbourhood Art Network, then saw your Event Page here, and published this ( Then I emailed Art Spin for more info on the August event itinerary, and when the press release came, published this (

    And now this post.

    I’d just like to state for the record that neither I, or to my knowledge Duncan, have received any payola around this event!

    I’m waiting… (fingers rolling next to keyboard).


  2. Haha, yeah, no kickbacks on my end either.

    I knew I’d seen a version of the video posted before, should’ve checked the BikingToronto archives before I posted. Although, this is the “curator’s cut” so it’s a slightly different version.

    Anyone have tales to tell of August’s ride? I missed out and would love to know what went on.

  3. I really wanted to make this one, but life with an 11-week old is rather unpredictable, and I try to make evenings a “give mommy a break” time as much as I can.

    If only I could get the hang of lactating… haha. :)

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