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I’m at odds over fixie culture. Sure, it’s great that bicycles are receiving so much attention from young trend setters (or followers, be that as it may). But, laying a big skid mark isn’t really a “trick” or “cool.” Maybe, when I was 5, sure, skids were cool. But now, when I know that skid just significantly reduced the lifespan of a $50 or more tire… well, waste isn’t “cool” in my books.

And, when it comes to racing through traffic and ignoring all rules of the road… give me a break. As someone who has been involved in “extreme” sports for more than 15 years, I can tell you that if what you’re doing poses major risks to people who are not involved with you… then your behaviour is simply reckless and irresponsible. I may have put my life on the line for a stunt or two and been kicked out of more spaces than I can remember, but not once was anyone other than myself at risk of serious injury. When you blow between cars and act like the road is your own personal obstacle course this isn’t “sport,” it’s foolish.

That said, this commercial for Hutchinson tires is really pretty:

It’s Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

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  1. Awesome Video. Some of the imagery (not the law breaking stuff) and the music would be great in a cycling promo vid to encourage cycling in Toronto.

    Imagine… having fun while commuting to work!

  2. Nice commercial. Im a bike courier and appreciated the guy on the orange masi’s skills (I used to ride a masi as well).

    Felt like the woman on the red bike was the epitome of a fair-weather, the way she mounted her bike awkwardly completely decked in makeup and nice clothes. I understand it is to show a more mainstream and “for everyone” angle but for me it slowed the momentum of the video and felt like they “had to” put in certain scenes with the red biker just to be fair, even though they were boring as hell.

    And about your views on “safe” riding some people (such as myself) do not have the luxury of that. It is the nature of a bike courier to take risks in order to make times and make enough money (we make very little) to sustain ourselves and our bikes.

    Please do not group us with the hipster doofuses w/ their shiney multicoloured (and pristine) fixies. They are the majority of the imbeciles on fixed gears, I assure you.

  3. “Please do not group us with the hipster doofuses w/ their shiney multicoloured (and pristine) fixies. They are the majority of the imbeciles on fixed gears, I assure you.”

    You may say “hey I didnt mention couriers anywhere!” Well you are right and wrong, you mentioned fixies. That is almost the same thing as mentioning a courier.

    Courier’s made the fixed gear popular for mainstream use. (no it wasn’t those sweet velodrome crashes.) So if you rail on the fixed gear and “skidding tires” as the guy on the OJ masi did numerous times to dodge garbage motorists, well you are railing on couriers.

    Oh and we don’t skid on the 50 $ tires unless we are killing it in a alley cat.

    I’m guessing though you do not know what that is w/o a quick google search due to your ignorance of fixed gear culture.


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