Incorporating Bicycles into Exterior Home Design

Saw this bike rack as part of a very “put together” front yard in Little Italy. While driveways and garages are the zenith of ugly home design, the creation of dedicated bicycle parking spots like this is certainly something I’d like to see more of:

Bike Parking Front Yard Toronto

Custom Bicycle Rack at Front of House Toronto

Front Yard Bicycle Parking Toronto

What I really like about this setup is how prominent the bicycle becomes on this property. It’s an equivalent to a driveway, but you won’t see the bricks cracking, sinking and getting stained with motor oil. The placement of a bike rack out front allows for easy access to a bike, a quick way to take to the streets without having to go into the shed or through a gate. Of course, this access could make the bikes parked here more vulnerable to thieves as well as being exposed to the elements, but hey, I think it looks pretty good.


  1. That’s great! I saw something very similar the other day on Gladstone near Argyle. Unfortunately Street View doesn’t showcase it very well but if you go look at it, especially in the evening, it’s quite elegant.

    (BTW: Argyle is a wonderful street to cycle on!)

  2. cFletch says:

    Oooh, I like. We’re trying to come up with something like this for our many bikes.

  3. @Mark I’ve begun noticing similar setups in front of older houses converted into apartments. There’s one on Dovercourt with a half dozen knock-off post and rings on the side yard, and several along Barton too. I think it’s fantastic when landlords and homeowners do this.

  4. That is beautiful. I wonder who did the reno?
    The total concept is very nice in many ways.

    A little rain roof would have been good, with a light (powered by solar cells on the roof!?) – for coming home late/security.

  5. We need to create some bike storage in our front yard which is a flower bed against the raised porch and rest being grass at the moment. I am thinking a sloped roof and open on both ends for easy in and out. Maybe the roof could start at our front porch railing? Has anyone seen this done before? Any pics? Thank you!

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