Imagine for a moment…

The Gardiner during Ride for Heart 2010

Imagine a place where traffic doesn’t grind to a halt because someone has broken down on the side of the road…

Only once a year can you experience this in Toronto. The annual Ride for Heart shuts down parts of the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway, opening up a 25 km space that was created for and used mostly by personal motor vehicles.

13,000 people took their bicycles, tricycles, tandems and unicycles up above the city. We raised a lot of money and had the pleasure of experiencing a silenced highway where cheers replaced horns.


  1. It’s a cool shot.

    I always like to take a picture at this point in the Ride for Heart because, as you point out, it helps you imagine.

    Imagine this was rush hour.

  2. For the first 5 years we lived in Toronto we lived just above the DVP at the Don Mills exit and it was really beautiful to watch the DVP on the morning of the Ride for Heart. Finally, after four years of watching I finally did it last year. Really glad I did.

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