“I try and head to places that will offer a rewarding bike ride” – Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65)

Richard Terfry aka Buck 65 via buck65.com

From PostedToronto My Toronto: Buck 65:

Bike 65 I get around town by bike, so I try and head to places that will offer a rewarding bike ride, like the Roncesvalles neighbourhood, or the area around Bloor and Bathurst, where I have a bunch of friends and favourite spots. The Bloor Cinema [506 Bloor St. W.] is one, and there’s a pretty great bike shop there, too [Curbside Cycle, 412 Bloor St. W.] where I bought both my bike and my wife’s bike. It’s a semi-regular stop if we need repairs or accessories or anything like that.

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Photo via Buck65.com

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Duncan rides bicycles in the city of Toronto and contributes to the main blog of BikingToronto as well as writing and taking photos for his blog Duncan's City Ride.


  1. Nice hybrid, enclosed powertrain, all around fenders. Light weight cranks. Very functional.

    I’ve bought a couple of bikes from Curbside, no complaints.

    All Rich needs in a DJ system mounted on it, and he’ll never have to go into work. :)

  2. I do believe it’s an Abici Grantourismo Uomo in firetruck red: http://store.curbside.on.ca/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=221_135&products_id=818

    All Buck needs is a microphone and a speaker and he can have these guys trailing him with beats: http://www.madeinqueensfilm.com/film.html

  3. Holy #*&%, where did you find that?!

    It’s like I set you up or something!!


  4. Loved that film. Saw it in last year’s Bicycle Film Festival. Must be getting about that time. And yes, a quick search shows that it’s Aug 18-21. Looking forward to it!

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