How to Lock Your Bike Properly – Do You Make the Grade?

Hal Ruzal on StreetFilms

I cringe every time I see an expensive u-lock only holding a front wheel (with a quick release) to a bike rack. I cringe every time I see a thin coil lock being used as the only barrier between a beautiful commuter bike and a thief. If you’re not sure how to properly lock your bike (trust me, it’s simple when you know what to do) then here’s a fantastic video to help show you the best way to lock a bicycle. Do you make the grade?

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  1. Hey! That’s great Duncan!

    What is it about people and their need to lean their garbage against something (usually my bike or a perfectly good empty bike lock-up)?

    Psychologists would have a field day with this one – does it make it less garbage – and therefore you less of an mess – if it’s leaning against something?

    Please be aware, folks who are charged with taking out the garbage, when I come back to my bike and find it buried under your garbage, it’s a double hit to my sense of the good in people.

    First you must think bikes and public bike parking areas are the same as garbage, and secondly, I have to do your job and pile your garbage somewhere more appropriate, so the next cyclist can use the lock-up I’m digging out.


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