History on Our Streets

Rusty on Roncey

When was the last time you saw someone using a 40 year old (or older) vehicle running day to day errands and commuting to work?

Aside from the TTC, you really don’t see many older cars and trucks in daily use here in Toronto.

Unless of course you start looking at the bicycles that take many students and commuters around the city…

The Blue Beast, now in better hands

Hitching a Ride

Cruiser Classic

And you’ll find some brand new bicycles (with classic inspiration) on our streets as well…


  1. that’s so true. i never thought of that way!

    here is my 1967 CCM bike that was mine for about a month before i got a new bike!


  2. What a fantastic bike hyedie… what did you do with it once you got a new one?

  3. i love the bikes on ronce, the construction makes a great background, but it sucks for business and biking. i can’t wait till they are finished hopefully before summer, however, the amazing side streets are wonderful to ride through.

  4. Roncesvalles is a really amazing street. Independent shops galore, a fantastic library, a wonderful community and it is close to both High Park and the waterfront.

    You’ve also got a great “nabe” theatre and affordable restaurants and bars.

    You’re certainly right about the side streets. I really enjoying taking random routes through the one-way maze in this area. Maybe I’ll end up at Mitzi’s for brunch or find a random yard sale. It’s one of those neighbourhoods in Toronto where taking a side street feels like you’re exploring some new territory even though they are simply loaded with history.

  5. Thanks for using my pic. It’s nice to see a new Toronto cycling blog. I’ve subscribed.

  6. Welcome aboard, Ben. It was great to find your pic on Flickr.

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