Hey, Harry! I Like Your Bikes

The Harry Rosen storefront on Bloor Street displays a few interesting accessories for Spring.

Harry 1

Gary Fisher Simple City at Harry Rosen Toronto

Gary Fisher Simple City at Harry Rosen Toronto

Trek at Harry Rosen Toronto

Electra at Harry Rosen Toronto

Trek Belleville
Gary Fisher Simple City
Electra Bikes

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Duncan rides bicycles in the city of Toronto and contributes to the main blog of BikingToronto as well as writing and taking photos for his blog Duncan's City Ride.


  1. If you also like Harry’s style and prices, ya might pick up some Lumatwill tweed and have it tailored into a coat… (Well, there are other tailors as good and more affordable)

    Lumatwill? It’s a tweed cloth that glows in the dark! The makers of Lumatwill offer their own clothing line with cuts designed for cyclists as well:


  2. Thanks for the link, Lock. I really like The Modern Jacket: http://www.dashingtweeds.co.uk/dt/shop/jackets/

    Although, that’s a little out of my price range (as is much at Harry’s, too).

  3. Hehe… Harry’s is “Bloor Street” prices… They’ll sell you a bespoke suit etc for twice what others charge… I’m gonna ask my tailor to pick up some of that glow-in-the-dark cloth of theirs! They say it’s teflon coated as well, so pretty water resistant…. But it’s the cut of these garments, made for cyclists, that is sooo cool. Gary Fisher has one of their suits I believe.

  4. One of the things I love about photographs of people on bicycles, is that they have a quality of action about them.

    These set pieces seem strangely out of sync.

    I wonder Duncan, whether your images will spur Harry’s window dressers to experiment with more lively mannequin posses – or is the point of this kind of style, what you own – rather than what you do with what you own?

  5. Good point… perhaps the folks in the window are voguing

  6. The window-dressers were still putting in the bikes and mannequins when I was taking these photos on my cell phone. The one window they were finishing had the bikes floating on wires while the particularly lifeless mannequins stood beside them. It’s the exact opposite of real life. On Bloor Street, it is definitely more of what you own over whether you actually will use it, at least along the “mink mile.”

    Here’s how Holt Renfrew uses bicycles: http://bikingtoronto.com/photo-of-the-day/holt-renfrew-bike-race/

  7. Awesome!
    The only thing missing to complete the look is a leather trouser strap:



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