Happy New Year 2010

New Year's Day - Mt. Washington, BCWelcome to 2010!

2009 was a pretty exciting year for me. It all started when I purchased a bicycle to help me run errands and get around Toronto. I’d given up my car in late 2008 and figured I didn’t need to rely on transit to get around town.

On a whim I started biking to work. 25 km each way into the outer reaches of the GTA and back.

I quickly went from a wheezing, struggling pedal-er to a complete bike nut in  a matter of just a few rides. I was hooked.

I soon joined BikingToronto as their first blogger.  2010 holds a new opportunity for all cyclists in the city of Toronto. BikingToronto has just undergone a major face-lift, one designed to allow you to contribute to discussions, create your own groups and better connect with people in town who share your passion for city cycling.

Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and let’s connect.

Happy riding in the New Year!


  1. Great post Duncan! Happy New Year! :)

  2. hey duncan!

    i don’t know how you found my blog but thanks for the info on bikingtoronto.com.

    love your bike and love that you bike 25km each way to work. amazing!!

    i’ve been biking in toronto since i moved here 5 years ago, but it wasn’t until this past summer that i got a decent bike (my bf built it from an old freecycle road bike) that i really got into it.

    since then, i’ve participated in critical mass and realized what a political act biking in the city is.

    looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    happy and safe riding!

  3. Happy New Year!

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