Halifax Cycling Coalition Wants You to Know Who is Riding Bikes

How do you promote cycling as a means of transportation?

In Halifax, you lead the way by introducing people to everyday cyclists. The Halifax Cycling Coalition recently released several commercials in which we get to meet people who have discovered life by bike.

Much like the latest issue of Dandyhorse and how cycling is being marketed in London, UK, these spots give us a face and a name of people riding bikes.

Please meet Madeline, Avra and Neil:

Visit the Halifax Cycling Coalition web site.
Watch the London, UK cycling videos.
Get the latest issue of Dandyhorse.


  1. Saw these vids yesterday… great ones.

    Cycling is really taking off in Halifax – while we were there last week we had dinner with my cousin and his wife, and he works from home most of the time.

    He’s recently discovered the awesomeness of biking to meetings when there is somewhere in the city he needs to get to.

  2. So glad to see this. Now I want to bring my bike to Halifax next time I head east.

  3. Awesome idea — it’s harder to lump us all into the same category when we have faces and stories…

    So when do we start the “I cycle TO” campaign?

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