Cycling; a 100-Year Tradition in Toronto

Opening of Bloor Viaduct

Check out the guy above, riding the “Devil’s Strip” on the former streetcar tracks that once ran across the Prince Edward Viaduct.

From the City of Toronto Archives, here’s a collection of photos from the early days of biking in Toronto:

Via 311 Toronto


  1. Those are amazing. Love that Viaduct pic.

    I’m getting inspired to do some historical photo-of-the-days. :)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the link. I’m always amazed by the archive photos and happy to share the news when more are posted to flickr.

    Thanks for the props.
    @311toronto ^dc

  3. Wow beautiful. Can I get copied of these printed off from the archives to frame?

  4. You can order prints from the Toronto Archives. Here’s the link with info:

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