Cycle Chic as Advocacy?

First Cycle Chic Photo

Is the simple act of riding a bicycle in your everyday clothes a form of advocacy? Capturing these moments and sharing them online may be more than just bicycle voyeurism. See why in the video below:


  1. Great find Duncan!

    Joe’s “Photo of the Day blog” has elements of Cycle Chic – just because it’s photos of people bicycling.

    I noticed this the other day and am looking for pictures in Flicker and elsewhere that say; power, sexy, smart, cool etc. … . A life style brand around bicycling. It’s not a new idea, as the video points out, but it needs to come back again.


  2. I was supposed to be in that video but the birth of my daughter interupted the process.. i’ll have to make my own followup video and maybe recruit some toronto folk.. silent advocacy.. i’m trying to stay true to the cyclechic manifesto…


  3. Congratulations, ‘Xander. Toronto loves your blog and every page you add to the ever-growing cyclechic manifesto:



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