Covet: The reCYCLEr Gilbert Vanden Heuvel at ShopGirls

Discarded bicycle parts become functional everyday items like salt and pepper shakers and serving trays when placed in the hands of Ontario artist Gilbert Vanden Heuvel.

On display and for sale at ShopGirls in Parkdale, these designs allow you to bring your bicycle love indoors, without worrying about getting grease stains on everything.

More items and designs at The reCYCLEr
Or head over to ShopGirls at 1342 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

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Duncan rides bicycles in the city of Toronto and contributes to the main blog of BikingToronto as well as writing and taking photos for his blog Duncan's City Ride.


  1. Wow. Very nice.

    A comment for, the pictures need to be higher resolution. Even when I click ‘view image’ in my browser, the images are not a high enough resolution to allow one to see the details clearly. Really important because they are re-purposed elements.

    Beautiful designs. Perfect for Christmas presents.

  2. Some of his work is on display at the Ex this year at the OrangeDrop booth. Gorgeous table and two chairs… love love love.

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