Covet: Handmade Messenger Bags Created Right Here in Toronto

Push the Envelope Classic Messenger BagUnder the Weather Messential Messenger Bag

Did you know that there are not one but two companies crafting handmade messenger bags in Toronto (possibly more)?

Push the Envelope has been creating distinctive messenger bags since 1995.

Under the Weather was started in Amsterdam in 2000, relocating to Toronto in 2001.

Two exciting messenger bag brands that call Toronto home!

Visit the Push the Envelope web site here.
Visit the Under the Weather web site here.

Know of a great product you think is “Covet” worthy? Send your suggestions to: duncan [dot] bikingtoronto [at] gmail [dot] com


  1. I highly recommend the Push the Envelope bags, mine’s ~8 years old and invincible. Outlasted 4 bikes!

  2. Thanks, Brent. I’ve met people who own bags from both companies and gush over each of them. Glad to hear yours has lasted so long.

  3. Good to see.

    Discounts for messengers?

    Nice pics of beautiful, cool custom bags at Push the Envelope!

    At Under the Weather a good bag is $239.00 – which is standard.

    There *must* be a way to make a cheaper bag…

  4. I think you can get a messenger discount for Push at Urbane Cyclist on John Street or if you buy directly from Push.

    Under The Whether gives messenger discounts but I don’t know if the stores that sell them do the same.

    I don’t get a discount :(

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