Covet: Everyday Eco Items by The Straight Stitch

Groovy Hearts Enviro Wrap by The Straight Stitch

Groovy Hearts Enviro WrapGroovy Hearts Enviro Wrap

Pack your lunch in reusable sandwich wraps and bags and ditch the single-use plastic products!

Pictured above is an Enviro Wrap by The Straight Stitch a colourful way to give up on baggies and securely carry your lunch to work. The creator, Stefanie from Mississauga, is a bicycle enthusiast and her enviro bags would be a great addition to your pannier.

Also available are cutlery wraps and velcro-sealed lunch bags:

OOAK Robots Cutlery Wrap with NapkinOOAK Vines Enviro Lunch Set

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Duncan rides bicycles in the city of Toronto and contributes to the main blog of BikingToronto as well as writing and taking photos for his blog Duncan's City Ride.


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