City Wants You To Create Art We Can Lock Our Bikes To

Kensington I

In the latest issue of Cyclometer (#167 July 2010) the city has announced a call for “Artistic Bike Parking” to be installed along the new multi-use paths currently being installed in Toronto. Here’s what they are asking for:

Call to Artists for Artistic Bike Parking

The City of Toronto is developing new multi-use off-road trail projects in hydro and former rail corridors.  Street furniture such as benches, bike parking and pedestrian scale lighting will be installed to help transform these corridors from industrial spaces, into spaces for public transportation and recreation.

Based on the City of Toronto’s 1% policy for public art on capital projects, a contest is being established for the design and fabrication of artistic bike parking as part of these projects.

Details on how local and national artists or artist teams may submit resumes and proposals to the Toronto Culture office are also available online.   Submissions must be received by Friday, 13 August 2010 at 4:00 p.m.

The city is no stranger to bike parking design contests. In collaboration with Ryerson University, a call for bicycle rack designs to be installed in Mount Pleasant Cemetery resulted in this unique winning submission:

More photos of the winning design and the runners up can be found here.

And another design competition was held at OCAD in 2009, yielding this winning concept:

Submission by Justin Rosete (second-year Industrial Design) and Erica Mach (second-year Drawing & Painting).

You can see the rest of the submissions that made up the top 10 designs here.

Lead photo of the Kensington bike rack via BikingToronto Flickr Pool


  1. I think these ones from the ROM are really great:

    I am always disappointed that the AGO does have cooler bike racks.

  2. Thanks for the link. And, yes, the AGO could certainly use more interesting bike racks, perhaps something inspired by Henry Moore to reflect the collection inside:

  3. Here’s a simple design, looks a bit like a paperclip:

  4. Often mentioned also are the David Byrne bike rack designs from Manhattan. Here they are:

  5. It would be great to see Moore-inspired bikeracks at the AGO!

  6. Here’s a collection of many rack designs currently in Toronto:

  7. I’m thinking, re-propose old bike frames as lock-ups; just mount them in concrete or weld a mounting plate on them is some beautiful way.

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