BikeHugger Huggcast 134 from Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Bike Hugger LogoIn addition to skeleton and figure skating and snowboard cross and freestyle skiing there’s a lot of cycling happening in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Games.

Bike Hugger has been blogging from the events and have just posted a short video including footage from the 1st Annual Vancouver Tweed Ride and shots of urban cyclists downtown.

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A few pics from Vancouver 2010 Olympic Tweed Ride

Wet Tweed at the Winter Olympics

Tweed Ride Olympics

Tweed Ride Olympics

Looks a little wet and fun!

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In Vancouver: More Places to Park Your Bicycle

It looks like the Olympics are bringing more bicycle parking infrastructure to Vancouver.

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Cycling Mascots of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic Games

Tandem biking

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