The Art of Manliness Discovers Two-Wheel Freedom

Koga World Traveller

There’s a great series of posts on The Art of Manliness introducing you to the world of bicycle touring. Read part 1 here and part 2 here. Here’s the final bit of advice from the post’s author:

You’ll know you’ve been riding too long when…

you’re in the best shape of your life, can ride for eight hours straight day-in and day-out, yet a simple 3-mile jog will leave you sore for days. The muscles used in cycling are different from those you use for running, and you will be amazed at how hard hiking and running is after a long time in the saddle.

cars make you feel as if you are riding in rocket ships with break-neck speeds and built with a claustrophobic construction.

your ass resembles a steel cushion of hardened calluses yet is still tender to the mildest glance.

…you are capable of doing all sorts of things with one hand, from opening cliff bar wrappers to rearranging the contents of your handlebar bag for accessibility purposes.

you can’t stand being inside, ever. Air-conditioned and stuffy rooms make you nauseous and sleeping inside feels like imprisonment.


Photo via the BikingToronto Flickr pool.